South Mountain Haunts

Twilight tours of spooky Emmaus!


Walking Tours


Discover the history of Emmaus borough, and learn about spooky sightings and experiences you didn't know were right next door! 

$15 per person (adult)

$12 per child (ages 2-12)

Group Pricing


Looking for a fun, engaging outing for your special event? Bring your party, class, or conference to enjoy a walk in downtown Emmaus borough at a discount!



Will we see a ghost? Well, we sure hope so! And you’re welcome to take all the photos you want to try to capture one.

Is it scary? It depends what you’re scared of. If you’re wondering if this is the type of tour that will have spooks and scares planted along the way, you’re going to be disappointed. We tell ghost stories, the old fashioned way. We spend months researching and interviewing witnesses and locals to give you the most rounded history possible along the tour.

Are the stories true? All stories are historically documented through interviews and research, and they weave together the history and haunted tales associated with the sites. They are based in part from the stories found in Spooky Tales of Emmaus, PA. 

What is the Ghost Tour? South Mountain Haunts tour of Emmaus borough is a roughly 75 minute walking tour of Main Street and nearby locations. Guided by a costumed storyteller, the tour stops at a number of historic sites that have reports of hauntings and other strange legacies. The nature of the route creates an intimate experience as we stroll the sidewalks of our “Main Street” shopping district..The tour is outside so it's best to dress appropriately for the weather.

Do we need reservations? Yes. 

Is advanced ticket purchase required? No, but it is preferred.

What time should we get there? Arrive at least 10 minutes before tour time. 

What should we wear? Wear weather appropriate clothing and comfortable walking shoes.

What happens if it rains? We make every attempt to conduct the tours therefore, we do go in the rain. (So bring an umbrella!) If weather conditions become severe, the tour may be cancelled. This decision is typically made at tour time. Cancelled tours may be rescheduled or refunded. 

What are the average sizes of the tours? Tour sizes are limited and additional guides are called in as needed.

Where do we park? Emmaus has public parking available all around the Triangle. All public parking is subject to Borough of Emmaus rules.

Are the tours wheelchair accessible? Yes, to the extent that we use borough sidewalks and streets.

Are the tours suitable for children? Yes, the tours are family appropriate, combining history, folklore, and ghost stories. Please keep in mind that children (or any patron) causing a disruption to the tour will be asked to return at a later date.



2021 Tour Schedule


We are monitoring the global health pandemic and will only operate within the bounds of state and local laws. We believe that small tours using masks and social distancing will allow us to put on a full schedule this season.

Tours will begin on Friday, October 1, 2021 and run every Friday and Saturday night through November 6, starting at the Triangle Park at 7pm. Saturday, October 16 will be at 6pm to accommodate the Emmaus Halloween Parade.

This tour season we have enhanced audio capability that also keeps the safety of our patrons in mind. We encourage all tour members to wear masks and remain socially distant from other parties. We have a new system that allows each patron to wear a portable ear piece that is wirelessly connected to your microphoned host. All earpieces are disinfected and then put into a UV light box for a 1 hour period of time, both of which alone would be fully disinfected against COVID-19, not to mentioned most if not all other contagious pathogens. 


When you check in for our tour each member of your party will get a glow bracelet and an earpiece. These earpieces are functional only with the host microphone, so please do not forget to return them at the end of your tour.